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Qualifications: On Line Marketing and Social Media Manager, download the Certification

Have a website that is old or not functioning well? Call me, we can fix it so you have the appropriate web presence.

Steve's Internet Marketing And Social Media in Aurora Colorado, specializes in assisting small businesses with their Internet marketing. The goal is either to educate you as a consultant, or do the actual work you need to save you time.

Putting together the marketing plan, with the right channels landing pages, keywords, and video are all part of a comprehensive package that we can educate you about. If you like, we can do all the work to implement the campaign.

Please consider a phone call to discuss either parts of a plan, or entire package. Call 720-980-3902 today and get free QR Codes for your business cards and promotions.

Are you getting all the work done you need for Internet Marketing and Social Media?

Maybe you need a rent a grunt, or someone to do the heavy lifting, the actual work? Call Steve at 720-980-3902

Heavy Lifting Rent A Grunt


One site I have enjoyed working on is Affordable Spas. One of the more complex jobs I have done. Great product and great customer. Visit his site: Affordable Spas.


Do you have the following:

A Blog
Linked In
Google +
Google + Places
Yahoo Places
Do you have a QR Code? Do your business cards have a QR Code?
Have you done a video series on a pertinent subject in your profession?
Do you have all the tracking you need, Google Analytics, Google Keywords, Google Webmaster, and is your website tied in and connected appropriately?
Are you monitoring your reviews? Do you have reviews?
Are you using the right Keywords on your web pages?
Are you using Landing Pages? Are they effective? How do you measure them?
Are you taking the time to keep all your web posts updated?
Maybe other Social Network sites can fit into your marketing program, like Pinterest and others?
Are you looking for support to do everything yourself, or someone to do the work for you?

Call Steve, @ 720-980-3902, see if we are a match to work together.

I believe that it worth a few minutes of your time to watch this video. Click on this link to Google and they talk about techniques needed.

Customer Service And Your Satisfaction

Making sure our customers are satisfied is our number one priority.

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